The following items are not permitted into TD Ameritrade Park Omaha:

1. Any type of weapon, fake weapon, or object resembling a weapon. This includes but is not limited to handguns, rifles, knives, straight edge razors, brass knuckles, swords, dangerous ordinance, Tasers, chains, and all other categories of weapons, whether such items are real or replica weapons. This includes permit holders possessing or carrying lawfully concealed weapons in or around the facility. Weapons cannot be checked into Security or Guest Services.

2. Alcohol / Drugs / Illegal Substances / Vaporizing Pens / No Smoking / No E-cigs

3. Professional Cameras / Cameras With Lenses Greater Than 3” / Detachable Lenses / Tripods / Monopods / Selfie Sticks / Audio Recording / Video Recording

5. Laser Pointing Devices / Glow Sticks

6. Drones in any area of MECA’s campus

7. Bicycles / Hover Boards / Heelys / Skateboards / Rollerblades

8. Disruptive noise making of any kind / Bells / Whistles / Air Horns

9. Large Umbrellas / Golf Umbrellas / Seat Cushion w/ Pockets / Chairs

10. Beach Balls / Bubbles / Footballs / Frisbees / Balloons / Fireworks / Pyrotechnics / Confetti / Glitter / Aerosols 

11. Masks should not be worn at any time inside MECA’s facilities

12. Signs / Banners

13. Outside Food / Beverage
      • 20 oz. or smaller empty clear plastic bottles will be allowed for water

15. Abusive / Foul Language / Disruptive Language / Obscene Clothing / Indecent Clothing

16. Animals / Except Service Animals 

17. Any item deemed to compromise public safety

*If your conduct endangers or disrupts guests or others involved in the event, MECA Omaha reserves the right to remove you from the premises.

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